Find out your Body Type on your First Visit!

After complete history and comprehensive physical assessment, your body

type will be diagnosed on your first visit. You will also be provided with the 

list of beneficial vs harmful diet; exercise; and etc.

What is 8 Body Type (8 Constitution)? 

Long period of studies and research have  shown that human beings can

be categorized  into 8 body type and according  to each 

constitution, they will have different diet,  different way of exercise and 


The constitutions are the different patterns of organ relations and they are

grouped into 8.  Everyone is born with a certain constitution out of 8 

possible patterns.  It is one's own physiological destiny designed by God 

even before one is born.  If one lives a life as the way he is created, he will

remain healthy.  If one does not, he will suffer.  To know one's own 

constitution is the KEY to one's own well being.

We all sense that everyone is born different. 

Consider food for an example.  One person drinks a glass of milk and feels

a boost of energy yet another may head straight to the toilet with diarrhea. 

One person feels much better when they avoid eating meat; another feels

so weak that they can't function well if he tries to be a vegetarian.   


Another example is with the drug.  When penicillin was first introduced, it

was praised as a gift from God.  Yet people came to realize later on that

penicillin could potentially be as fatal as poison for some people.   This is

due to difference in constitution.  Certain drugs may be effective only for

certain constitution but not for all.

Why?  The answer is simple: We are born different.


Patho-Physiology of 8 Body Type Medicine?

People are not created equal.  We all have  distinct personalities and 

preferences as we  all have different blood types, fingerprints and

genes.  "Eight constitution medicine" explains  that it is because the 

characteristics of the  elements that constitute our body are different.

There are ten major organs in our body which are composed of 5 solid

and 5 hollow organs and they are responsible for the healthy function of

the entire organism.  The five solid organs are: heart, lung, liver,

pancreas, and kidney.  The five hollow organs are: stomach, small

intestine, large intestine, bladder, and gallbladder.

All of these organs have some visible anatomy and physiology.  However,

there are the INVISIBLE functions of these organs which we cannot see

through anatomy.  Each organ produces, stores, and distributes its own

unique vital life FORCE (Chinese culture calls it Qi).  A heart not only

produces the vital life force with the dynamics of fire but also distributes

the force of fire to all the other nine organs through meridians.  Meridians

are the invisible pathways through which the force can flow.  A kidney

produces and distributes the force with the dynamics of water, a liver with

the dynamics of wood, a pancreas with the dynamics of earth, and a lung

with the dynamics of metal. 

When the ten major organs are functioning properly in relation to each

other as they are constitutionally designed to do, the person feels well. 

However, when the natural harmony between organs loses its proper

balance, the person does not feel well.  The pathology is not in the organ,

but in between the organs.  Often patients go through several expensive

lab tests in the hospital only to be informed that nothing is wrong with their

organs.  The real pathology resides in the invisible space between the

organs (meridians).  Even when the organ itself shows definite pathology

such as an ulcer, the pathophysiology of the ulcer is not in the organ. 

It is really sad to see how many people must take multiple medications a

day for the rest of their lives!  The true holistic healing must heal the

relationship between each of the ten major organs. 


Etiology of 8 Body Type Medicine


What causes this disharmony between  the organs which was in proper 

harmony  when we  were born?  People do not live  the life as they should! 

They eat the wrong  food; pursue the wrong career; live in the  wrong 

housing; take bath the wrong way; etc.... 

The ignorance of one's own constitution will lead to a life style that

eventually causes the disharmony between the organs. 

The wrong diet is so far the major etiology of 8 constitution medicine. 

Every food has its own unique FORCE.  If we eat certain foods for a long

time, the particular FORCE of that food will increase the physiological

function of a certain organ whose FORCE it is identical with.

Take someone with Pulmotonia Constitution for an example.  He is born

with lungs that should produce about 100 watts (as a figure of speech) of

metal Force and normal people need only 50 watts of Force.  Then, we

can assume his lung is far stronger (or active) than other people.  For this

reason, he will make a good singer, a swimmer, a good doctor, and a

scientist.  But if he grows up in a dairy farm house, eating lots of red meat

and dairy products for years and years, the Force of his lung will go way

over 100 watts.  If his lung Force is around 140 watts, he will suffer from

frequent cough, asthma, and irregular bowel movements.  If it goes over

300 watts, he can even develop colon cancer.  This is why proper dietary

instructions are considered the most critical for patients at  8+1

Acupuncture Clinic. 


Treatments - 8 Body Type  Acupuncture

The best way to correct the disharmony between organs is to use 

acupuncture (8 constitutional acupuncture), regulating the five element 

points of each meridian of the ten major organs.  General acupuncture

points are not used since they do not have a direct command of the organ 

Force.  Herbs can be used for the preventative purpose. 

After patients are treated, they are instructed to live their lives according to

their own physiological destiny (constitution). 

If you eat right according to your constitution, you will maintain optimal

health.  If not, you will not only become weak but even your health can be

seriously deteriorated.  Foods not only function as daily source of energy

but what you eat constitutes you and build up your immune system. 

Foods according to your own constitution will strengthen your natural

healing power (immune system) which will protect us against all kinds of

disease, but foods harmful to our constitution will weaken our natural

healing power and make us susceptible to disease 

This is the reason why you need to know your own Body-Type.



A Brief Overview of the 8 Constitutions(8 Body Type)

Individual constitution can be categorized into 8 different patterns as listed

below, based upon the relationship between the organs.  One should

know one's own unique constitutional physiology as well as general

physiology, in order to live a healthy life. 

  Pulmotonia - born with a storong lung and a weak liver,

highly creative, inventive, and self centered.  Explorer of a

new world and discoverer of new things.  Must be a


Beneficial Regimen:

All kinds of ocean fishes, shell fishes, green leafy vegetables, rice, barley, buckwheat, red bean, green beans, cucumber, eggplant, banana,  strawberry, peach, cherry, persimmon, Vitamin E, cocoa/dark chocolate, ice, swimming, walking

Harmful Regimen:

All kinds of meats, fresh water fishes, nuts, root vegetables, flour, pumpkins, peppers, garlic, mushrooms, apples, pears, melons, coffee, sugar, MSG, soft drinks, ginseng, Vitamins A;B;C;D, aspirin, alkaline beverages, hot bath, mountain hiking


  Colonotonia - born with hyperactive large intestine and a

weak gallbladder, highly ambitious for the will to power,

very intuitive and visionary.  Born to be a leader.  Should

not eat meat except fish.

Beneficial Regimen:

All kinds of ocean fishes, crab, clam, green leafy vegetables, cucumber, mustard, ginger, black pepper, rice, buckwheat, red bean, green beans, seaweed, strawberry, peach, cherry, persimmon, grapes, cocoa/dark chocolate, swimming, walking

Harmful Regimen:

All kinds of meats, fresh water fishes, nuts, root vegetables, flour, pumpkins, garlic, mushrooms, black grapes, apples, pears, melons, coffee, sugar, MSG, soft drinks, ginseng, Vitamins A;C;D;E, aspirin, alkaline beverages, hot bath, mountain hiking


  Hepatonia - born with a strong liver and a weak lung.  Very

bountiful and generous, risk taking and assertive.  Must eat

meats, Born to be an entrepreneur.  Taking 1 tablet of

aspirin everyday could prevent many diseases.

Beneficial Regimen:

All kinds of meats, fresh water fishes, nuts root vegetables, rice, flour, soybeans, pumpkins, garlic, mushrooms, apples, pears, watermelon, coffee, milk, Vitamins A;B;C;D, alkaline beverages, aspirin, hot bath, mountain hiking

Harmful Regimen:

All kinds of ocean fishes, shell fishes, green leafty vegetables, raw cabbages, buckwheat, red bean, green beans, cucumber, eggplant, banana, strawberry, peach cherry, green grapes, persimmon, Vitamin E, cocoa/dark chocolate, ice, swimming


  Cholecystonia - born with a weak large intestine and a

hyperactive gallbladder, very sociable and outgoing,

emotionally most sensitive.  Prone to alcoholism.  Must

eat lots of beef to prevent depression.

Beneficial Regimen:

All kinds of meat rice, beans, wheat flour, Indian millet, tofu, squash, radishes, lotus root, peas, celery, mushrooms, garlic, chestnut, walnut, pears, watermelon, milk, sugar, and Vitamins A;B;C;D;E  

Harmful Regimen:

All kinds of shell fish, mackrel, squid, nappa, mint, curlyflower, broccoli, eggplant, avocado, peaches, cherries, grapes, grapefruit, mangos, lemons, limes, coconut, ginseng, chocolate, wine, liquor, IV Glucose


  Pancreotonia - born with an extremely hyperactive

pancreas and weak kidney, highly impulsive, selfless and

devoted philanthropic, loves to eat gourmet foods.  Born to

be a sweetheart.  Must eat lots of shellfish and pork.

Beneficial Regimen:

Pork, beef, oyster, shrimp, lobster, crab, eel, egg, barley, rice, flour, soybean, red bean, cabbage, radish, cucumber, carrot, persimmon, pear, melons, watermelon, strawberry, banana, ice, aloe vera, mushrooms, Vitamin E, hot bath

Harmful Regimen:

Chicken, lamb, brown rice, sweet rice, potato, sesame oil, seaweed, hot pepper, curry, ginger, green onion, apple, orange, tangerine, mango, tomato, ginseng, bee honey, date, digestive aide, Vitamin B group, cold bath, swimming


  Gastrotonia - born with a strong stomach and a weak

bladder, very ambiguous and enigmatic, physically

strong and enduring.  Can digest almost any foods.


Beneficial Regimen:

Oyster, shrimp, crab, beef, pork, rice, barley, oats, red beans, cactus, peas, nappa, cucumber, broccoli, eggplant, persimmon, avocado, pears, melons, pineapple, grapes, strawberries, banana, hot bath

Harmful Regimen:

Chicken, goat, potatoes, curry, all onions, ginger, squash, seaweed, blackpepper, mustard, cinnamon, lemons, limes, grapefruit, tangerines, apples, oranges, mangos, ginseng, honey, Vitamins A;B;D, penicillin, cigarettes, liquor, swimming


  Renotonia - born with a strong kidney and a weak

pancreas, very athletic, meticulous and organized.  Born

to be bureaucrat.  Must avoid cold foods.


Beneficial Regimen:

Chicken, beef, potatoes, corn, peas, squash, sesame seed or oil, seaweed, curry, mustard, blackpepper, cinnamon, lettuce, radishes, green onion, ginger, garlic, curlyflower, tomatoes, tangerines, oranges, apples, mangos, peaches, lemons, limes, grapefruit, honey, ginseng, Vitamin B, swimming

Harmful Regimen:

Pork, oysters, crab, shrimp, barley, wheat, flour, nuts, red beans, egg white, oats, mint, cucumbers, cactus, persimmons, coconut, avocado, melon, banana, mushrooms, broccoli, eggplant, celery, beer, ice, Vitamins A;D;E, sauna


  Vesicotonia - born with a very, very weak stomach and a

strong bladder.  Very quiet and reserved, slow and

meticulous.  Prone to chronic depression.  Must eat very

small amounts of foods, no more than 2 meals a day,

each meal less than half the amount of other people would eat.

Beneficial Regimen:

Chicken, goat, sesame seed or oil, potatoes, corn, spinach, radishes, ginger, green onions, corn, garlic, squash, mustard, blackpepper, cinnamon, curry, tomatoes, lemons, limes, grapefruit, apples, mangos, tangerines, honey, ginseng, Vitamins A;B;C;D, and acidic drinks, cold bath

Harmful Regimen:

Oysters, clams, shrimp, crab, pork, all kinds of cold food, nuts, oats, red beans, eggwhite, cucumber, cactus, mint, peas,  broccoli, mushrooms, curlyflower, celery, eggplant, melon, banana, starwberries, coconut, avocado, beer, ice, liquor, Vitamin E, and sauna 


"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients

 in the care of the human frame (constitution), in diet, and in the cause and

 prevention of disease."

                                                                          ---Thomas A Edison---