Welcome to 8+1 Acupuncture Clinic!


Do you know your body can heal itself?


Dr. Ko's Immediate-Pain-Relief Acupuncture treatment  offers a

complete system for natural, drug free health maintenance and well-being. 

By stimulating appropriate acupuncture points, it strengthens your body's

natural healing power allowing your body to heal itself.


Come experience the natural healing power within you today!


Our Mission


Our goal  is to help you get immediate pain relief and free of sufferings

without any medications and to go into deeper state of relaxation where

true healing happens.


Our focus  is not just to eliminate and alleviate your symptoms but also to

treat the underlying cause and improve your quality of life through proper

diet and treatment according to your own "constitution(body type)".             


"The Natural Healing Force  within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. "

------ Hippocrates, Father of Medicine,460-377B.C. 



About Myself


During my active high school years, while

playing sports, I sustained a harsh injury to

my left shoulder.  I was rushed to my uncle

who was an acupuncturist.  I arrived at his

clinic literally crying from severe pain and I

couldn't move my shoulder at all.  As soon

as he started acupuncture, my tears were

dried away and when he asked me to lift

my left shoulder, to my disbelief, I was able to move it again.  It was my

very first experience of acupuncture and the unthinkable was happening

to myself!  Right then, I was captivated by the mystery and the beauty of

the acupuncture and committed to share this healing experience. 

I continually be amazed and amaze my patients turning them into true

believers of this ancient old true healing medicine.

I received my master's degree at Kyung San University, USA of Oriental

Medicine graduating as summa cum laude and through years of study

and research and numerous apprenticeships both here and overseas

including China and Korea, I have developed the acupuncture treatment

that results in immediate pain relief by promoting natural healing power

within our very own body.  I come to realize that we all have the natural

healing force within us much more effective, powerful and available than

anyone can imagine and able to work instantly even with the minimal

stimulation of the appropriate acupuncture points.   

It is like having a custom fitted, dedicated very best primary care

pysician privately working 24/7 just for you.  Let me help you discover

this wonderful physician within you.


                       Samuel J. Ko, Lic. Ac.

  • Served as a Professor at K.S. Univ. of Oriental Medicine USA
  • Columnist for Korea Daily Newspaper
  • Over 15 Years of Clinical Experience
  • 8 Constitutional Acupuncturist